From 14 years, the prestigious GONDRAND Removals & Logistics Since 1866 has chosen as its referent to Messina AM Removals & Logistics of the Campagna family, selected for their class, seriousness and the way to work perfectly equal to mother GONDRAND. The Campagna family it’s in the field of removals for over 35 years.
Now with TWO Deposits that exceed 1300mq, 9 Vehicles, GONDRAND Di Campagna Antonio, Davide and Marco, based in Messina and Catania, owns the dominance across Sicily and Calabria and every 10/15 days covers all the rest of Italy And the World, thanks to a dense network of GONDRAND employees spread across all major cities.

Antonio is responsible for National and International Removals and Custody, Davide is responsible for Commerce, Logistics, Art and Fairs throughout the national and international territory, Marco is responsible for the deposits of Catania